What Makes Travel Incentives So Effective?
By: Comments off 10 November, 2022

When planning and promoting prizes for competitions, we at Prizeshark have found that travel incentives are one of the most successful ways of attracting a higher volume of customers to your campaign or promotion. Today we want to share what we at Prizeshark already know by outlining some of the reasons we see travel prizes as one of the best incentive options to offer!

Travelling is Expensive

Despite many people having a deep desire to travel, to see other countries, and simply to have some well-deserved time off, travel is expensive, and so many people may never get a chance to go on the holiday of their dreams. Well, that’s where we come in to help you offer your customers the opportunity to take a trip of a lifetime, simply for entering your competition or promotion. It takes a long time to save for a luxury such as a trip away and the rising cost of living means that they may struggle to afford this, using their funds to afford their everyday needs.

Travelling is a deep aspiration for many people – help them achieve their dreams by offering something inspirational!

Makes for Great Social Content

Not only do you give someone the holiday of their dreams, but it also makes for great social content for both them and you! You can include professional photography as part of the package or encourage them to take pictures of their fun in the sun! That way, they get to capture all those wonderful memories and you get to show current and future customers all the fun they could be having if they take part in one of your promotions or competitions!

This is of great benefit to you as user-generated content is a more effective way of finding yourself trending on social media. After all, the general public creating organic and real content is what social media is all about. If you’d like to see yourself on the listings, then consider offering a holiday/travel prize promotion to boost your social media standing.

Wide Range of Demographics

The desire to holiday and travel is not necessarily age or gender-specific, nor is it constrained by socioeconomic background. This ensures your competition and promotion reaches a larger audience and attract a wider customer base. To ensure that the eventual winner gets their perfect holiday, you can adapt it to meet the specific needs and desires of the customer.


Right now, post-pandemic, mid-recession and with the gloom of winter on our doorstep, the ability to travel and have some fun is a sorely needed luxury. It is difficult enough to pay bills, so offering someone a luxury holiday will not only help to bring in more customers but also offers someone a genuinely bright moment in darker, more difficult times. If we give out, we surely get back, so offer someone a break from that daily grind and help them to create a memory they are sure to remember forever.

Prizeshark Fulfilment

If we have convinced you that this is an excellent idea, (it is), but are not sure where to begin, fear not! We at Prizeshark are the experts when it comes to incentive travel and prize fulfilment. We can put together completely tailored trips for you, arrange and finalise all the details directly with your customer or prize winner, and provide them with a full travel itinerary. Everything is handled for you, so all you need to do is sit back, watch all the new and existing customers come flooding back to you, and let us handle the fulfilment so that you can be assured they are on the holiday of a lifetime and will be talking about your company for years to come!

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