Sales Incentives

Incentive schemes are one of the most effective means of increasing sales and engaging employees. Typically they could be categorised as internal sales incentives, channel incentives, customer loyalty incentives and sales team incentives. To ensure success they need to be well planned, and well communicated and well executed.

Whether you’re looking to run a simple paper based scheme and outsource rewards fulfilment, or run your incentive via an advanced web based platform, we can help.

Here at Prizeshark, we have the expertise that will guide you through the essential steps in delivering a sales incentive plan or scheme that truly brings results, from offering team incentive ideas to sales rewards.

Trade Promotions
  • Increase business from existing customers.
  • A great tool to entice new customers.
  • Increase sales and company performance.
Rewards & Recognition
  • Reward staff for achievements.
  • Drive performance though incentives.
  • Rewarding loyalty and long service.
  • Travel booking service.
  • All arrangements taken care of.
  • Luxury trips, tailored for you.
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