Recognising employee contribution and customer loyalty can be great for business. It can result in higher productivity, motivation, retention and loyalty. Staff rewards as a form of recognition can have a huge impact and who doesn’t like to be appreciated for the work that they do.

Whether you are issuing employee rewards for outstanding achievement, recognising long service or driving future performance through staff incentives, we can make it simple for you and special for them. We appreciate that different work, demographics and customer rewards needs can have a huge impact on the budget and type of reward offered, the Prizeshark team are here to offer advice and help clients choose the best way to say “Thank You".

Trade Promotions
  • Increase business from existing customers.
  • A great tool to entice new customers.
  • Increase sales and company performance.
Sales Incentives
  • Get the best out of your sales team.
  • Keep motivation high.
  • Maintain staff loyalty.
Prize Sourcing
  • Take the hassle out of sourcing the right rewards.
  • Wide range of products including holidays, merchandise and vouchers.
  • Fulfilment to multiple addresses.