Scrap the branded company tee’s: Gifts your employees actually want!
By: Comments off 4 January, 2022

It’s surprising the number of companies that don’t have an effective long service awards programme for those employees that have been with the business for a certain length of time, displaying their loyalty year after year.

Traditionally, long service awards have been celebrated for 5, 10, 25, and 40 years of employment with a business which can often seem unachievable by new employees. Even then, rewards for long tenure are often underwhelming for employees that work incredibly hard and spend year after year with the same company. Employees expect to see recognition earlier than you may think!

Knowing you need to recognise staff for long service is a given, however, knowing what works as a long service award or gift is a task in itself. We all need to remember that employees are individuals, they have different tastes, personalities, and hobbies. Creating a catch-all item selection is key with variety, flexibility, and choice being top of the list.

Our top four gift ideas for long service awards:

Activities, merchandise, gift vouchers or letters of thanks are all fantastic ideas, and let me tell you why!

Experiences – Has your employee always spoken about wanting to do a particular activity? See a particular place? Experiences can be a thrilling way to celebrate long-serving employees as it can be things they’ve always wanted to do but not wanted to pay for themselves or they may have to take extra time off to do the experience. This could be a thrilling supercar experience, having a relaxing spa day, or going to feed the giraffes at your local zoo! There are so many options to customise experiences for your employees and select something personal to them.

Merchandise – I know I said to scrap the company tee, but for your shorter serving employees, this could be an ideal gift idea. You can get almost anything personalised with your company brand nowadays, you could create hampers or it could be a commute to work pack with a tote bag/umbrella/stationary, etc!

Gift Cards – When you are measuring your loyalty in decades there are better options than gift cards however it doesn’t mean they are completely out of the picture. Gift cards are still a hugely popular item for employees for almost any reward or gift (including birthdays!). They are easy to gift, quick to be delivered, and simple to redeem at a variety of retailers.

Letters of Thanks – A letter of appreciation from senior management makes it clear to employees that their service is noted, valued, and welcomed. Verbal recognition of their longevity in service is still important however a physical token will be cherished. It will sit as a continual reminder of the employee’s value. Everyone loves being complimented and appreciated!

Final Thoughts…

If your head is swimming with ideas – IT SHOULD BE! Go away and create a fantastic long service awards programme for your employees that you enjoy fulfilling and they enjoy achieving. It can seem like a huge task – but in the end, it’s all 100% worth it in the end and help drive employee satisfaction and ultimately retention.

How we can help:

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