Scrap the branded company tee’s: Gifts your employees actually want! (Part Two)
By: Comments off 2 February, 2022

In last month’s blog, we explored different gifts to give your employees for long service working.

Deciding on the right rewards for your service recognition programme is probably one of the hardest elements to get right. To be confident in your decision it’s advised to ask your staff what they’d like to receive. You won’t be able to please everyone, but you’ll get a pretty good steer on what makes your workforce tick!

To help your decision we’ve listed a further four service award gift ideas: digital reward codes, travel, certificates or plaques, and of course time off!

Digital Reward Codes – The choice available for digital rewards in comparison to vouchers or gift cards can’t be matched. They are simple and flexible and make it easy to reward all employees from those that are fully remote or even international workers too.

Travel – Has your employee always spoken about wanting to do a particular activity? See a particular place? Experiences can be a thrilling way to celebrate long-serving employees as it can be things they’ve always wanted to do but not wanted to pay for themselves or they may have to take extra time off to do the experience. This could be a thrilling supercar experience, having a relaxing spa day, or going to feed the giraffes at your local zoo! There are so many options to customise experiences for your employees and select something personal to them.

Certificates or Plaques – A physical token of the value of an employee’s longevity is always good – whether it takes pride of place in the office or at home, it will be something they can keep and treasure for life.

Time Off – Everyone appreciates some time off and this could be the perfect long service reward! Whether that’s a Friday to give them a long weekend, or something longer like a sabbatical. They are a great way to reward your longest-serving employees, it gives them a chance to take a big step back and recharge and come back better than ever.

Final Thoughts:

You can read part one here [pop link in] if you need any extra ideas. But if your head is swimming with ideas after this blog post that’s great!

Creating a fantastic long service awards programme for your employees that you enjoy fulfilling and they enjoy achieving can feel like a huge task – but in the end, it’s all worth it!

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