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Reward Schemes

Do you have a wonderful team of employees?
Are you wondering how you can show them how much you care?

Maybe you’re looking to motivate your team to new heights whilst ensuring they receive something for their efforts along the way.

Nothing says employee appreciation like fun incentives and reward schemes that make the work they are already doing that much more fulfilling.

We know that the difference between choosing one job or another can often come down to the benefits and incentives on offer. When choosing to stay or go an employee will look at how valued they feel at one company versus another. And we believe that it is important that each company values their employee’s and shows them just how much they care, just like we do here at Prizeshark.

Our dedicated team of experts will work with you to advise how to keep your team motivated and help you to create rewards and recognition programs that keep your employees happy and your business growing.

If you would like to bring some fun, excitement and anticipation to your work force and would like to know more about how employee reward schemes can help you then don’t worry, we’ll take care of that.

Prize Sourcing

We are called Prizeshark for a reason. We are experts at sourcing prizes, gifts and promotional merchandise for clients with a wide range of needs, promotions, competitions and reward schemes.

Through our dedication to our prize fulfillment and the connections and relationships we have built over the years, we have partnerships with all the top brands you and your employee’s will love to provide merchandise, holidays, experience days and vouchers at the most competitive prices.

Occasionally we even find ways to make more obscure rewards come to life, such as when we were asked to source a walk on part in a film and a meet and greet with acting superstars. We aren’t afraid of a challenge though and are truly happy to investigate any potential gift and prize ideas you might have and see if we can make them a reality.

Once you have selected your prizes, we can make sure that everything runs smoothly and take care of contacting customers and winners, organizing events and arranging delivery of gifts so you don’t have to.

So, whatever your need, whatever your dream, our team is here to help you make that a reality. If you need prizes sourcing, don’t worry, we’ll take care of that.

Prize Fulfillment

At Prizeshark we don’t just source the perfect gift for your competition, reward scheme or promotion, we also act as a fulfillment house that manages the storage and delivery of all your prizes, rewards and incentives.

Our prize fulfilment services have been honed over time and is robust enough to tackle any challenge. We can arrange delivery to as few or as many addresses as needed, take care of the reports when orders are dispatched, and handle the tracking information and proof of delivery if it is required.

When we are rewarding our employee’s, clients or customers we are showing them we care, and we value that too. So, we ensure that prize fulfillment is handled as efficiently as possible without you having to do anything yourself so you can be assured that everything will run smoothly with Prizeshark.

Whether it is the fulfillment of just one reward or hundreds of addresses you would like to send your rewards to, you can count on us, we’ll take care of that.

We’ll Take Care of That

Whether it is advice about rewards and recognition schemes, how to put on a promotion or create incentives for your employee’s or customers, we’ll take care of that.

Whether it is prize sourcing you need for rewards, promotions or competitions, we’ll take care of that.

And if you need someone to handle the prize fulfillment and manage secure and safe delivery of prizes to their rightful owners, we’ll take care of that.

Here at Prizeshark we love rewards and we love prizes, but most of all we love making it as easy on our clients as possible, so for all your prize fulfillment needs, you guessed it, we’ll take care of that.

You can click through here to find more about us and our prize fulfillment services.

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