Festive Rewards
By: Comments off , , 7 September, 2021

It may be that we have only just returned from the summer break. But the reality is that Christmas is only a few months away and whilst Christmas for many is a time for celebration, it can also be an expensive affair.

Providing gifts, food, drink and being merry comes at a cost…

Why reward employees at Christmas?

It’s a great opportunity to reward employees for all their hard work and efforts over the past 12 months, especially through these difficult Covid times. It’s also a great way to relieve some of the financial pressure, there is no point in giving employees a bottle of wine to say thank you, when some employees don’t drink! The right reward takes thought.

What are the best Christmas rewards?

Offering your employees a mixture of Gift Cards and tangible rewards offers great choice; whether your employees are looking for the must have toy, new technology or just the opportunity of easing their financial burden on grocery shopping. These types of rewards offer flexibility, are easy to use and will definitely help employees spread the cost of Christmas. All your employees need to do is log in to the reward hub to see the vast selection of rewards on offer and make their redemptions.

The main focus should be on what an employee would like to receive, rather than what a company wants to offer – so involve them and gain their thoughts from the offset!

What About Timing?

You need to start planning now, that’s what your employees are doing! They may have already started their shopping, therefore giving out vouchers a week or two before Christmas isn’t ideal as many people will have already done most of their shopping!

It’s key for employers to understand when their employees will be able to make maximum use of their reward. Start involving and communicating with them in October, make them aware that they will have access to great rewards for Christmas. Employees should be able to access their reward hub at the end of November, they can then plan their shopping around the vouchers and tangible gifts on offer.

Final Thoughts…

Don’t forget to ensure that you have happy, motivated and engaged employees keep incentivising them throughout the year ahead.

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