Advantages of promotional merchandise for your business
By: Comments off 21 June, 2022

Have you ever been to an event and received a souvenir with the business logo on and then recognised their brand everywhere you go? Promotional merchandise are products that are branded with your business logo to promote your brand and they are often given away at events.

At Prizeshark, we offer a wide range of unique, customisable promotional products. Listed below are just some of the incredible promotional products that we can provide:

– Gadgets

– Bags, clothes and textiles

– Confectionary and drinks

– Office & executive gifts

– Lifestyle, sports and outdoor

– Events and seasonal

– Eco friendly

– Health and wellness

– Toys and novelties

Why should you use promotional merchandise as a marketing tool for your business?

When it comes to marketing tactics, promotional merchandise is an effective way to get your business out there, no matter how big or small. Promotional merchandise offers a long-lasting impact and helps to increase brand awareness for your business through the use of products. Brand awareness is the measure of how recognisable your brand is to your target audience.

Increased brand recognition

If you take large businesses such as Apple or McDonald’s, pretty much everyone recognises their brand, and that’s because they focus on building brand recognition. Promotional merchandise will help your customers remember your business. Promotional merchandise also gives your customers a constant reminder of your company. For example, something as simple as a pen is handy and is an item that is used daily.

Customer loyalty

One goal of every business is to gain and keep loyal customers. Promotional merchandise will help you to advertise your brand without the extra costs. If you give bags, pens and other branded items to your customers, other people will see your brand when they use them. If your customers feel like they are being treated well by your business, they are more likely to recommend your business to others, potentially bringing you new customers.

Effective yet low-cost

Low-cost promotional products can help a company massively, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t want to be spending loads of money on extensive advertising campaigns. You can start small on promotional products like stationery, sweets or chocolate with your business logo on it. The more your business benefits from your advertising through promotional merchandise, the higher quality of merchandise you can then invest into.

Convert your customers from competitors

Customers like to switch brands and have a change from time to time. By capturing your customer’s attention with the quality of your promotional merchandise, you have already intrigued them to look further into your business.

If you are a business wanting to incorporate branded promotional merchandise, you must take time to learn what your target market needs. Doing this can provide your customers with something that they can use or benefit them in their everyday lives.

Still unsure about using promotional merchandise as a marketing tool? No problem. You can get in touch here; a member of our team will be happy to discuss any queries you may have. Alternatively, find more of our promotional products here.

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