5 Prize Promotion Ideas For your next campaign

At Prizeshark our business is your customer satisfaction, we love the creative part of our process when we get together to make your requests a reality. Our experienced team can help you with any request you make; helping to organize, source and deliver prizes for your prize promotion campaign is what makes the best prize promotion agency in the business.

Today we want to share a little of our creativity with you and offer you some ideas for your next prize promotion campaign! Read on to discover some interesting prizes any loyal customer would love to receive and that we can help turn into a reality for one, (or many!) lucky winner(s).

Bespoke Holiday!

Your next prize promotion will be sure to attract attention if the winner has the chance to fly off to a destination of their choice. We all need a break, we all love adventure, so why not offer your loyal customers a chance to get away and go somewhere they have always wanted to travel.

We help to organize the travel and holiday for you, and can put together a completely bespoke trip just for your lucky winner! We recently did this for Sun Bingo and coordinated and organized 75 holidays for 75 competition winners who got to choose their own destination so they could guarantee a holiday they’d love!

It is one of our favourite prize promotions to put together and we know it could be a great asset to your next competition!

Gadget Giveaway!

We’re experts at sourcing and delivering gifts to customers, we once even delivered a whole truck load of goodies to a single winner live on radio just for that extra special touch!

Everyone loves gadgets and goodies! The latest tech from Apple , Sky Glass TV’s, the latest video game console and Virtual Reality tech, our world is full of interesting and innovative gadgets and we all want to be the one who has the latest and greatest!

Contact us about organizing a gadget bonanza for your next prize promotion and we can help you source, organize and deliver the prizes to the winners and ensure the gadgets are tailored to your needs and the recipient!

For A Foodie!

Eating, it’s the greatest, right? How about spicing up your prize promotion by offering a unique kind of giveaway that entails an eating extravaganza for an avid foodie that wins one of your competitions!

We could help put together a fantastic fine dining experience at a Michelin Star restaurant for one lucky winner. If indulging in fine dining isn’t all your winner will love, we have been known to arrange meetings with stars, maybe the winner of your prize promotion agency would love a meeting with a top chef and maybe a little bit of time to cook together! It’d be a great experience for any food lover to sit down with their favorite chef, talk food, drink wine and learn a thing or two about something they’re so passionate about.

Or maybe your prizes will be smaller and be awarded to lots of winners, maybe your budget doesn’t stretch that far, we could put together food hampers, or even package some experience days for people to try new foods, delicacies, or get stuck into some wine tasting or cooking experience.

Reach out to us and let us help make your prize dreams a reality!

Free Fashion!

A new wardrobe is the dream for so many fashionistas out there but a new wardrobe can be expensive to put together. With hundreds of partnerships across popular brands on the Highstreet we are sure to be able to organize gift-cards for spending in some of the finest fashion outlets around.

We can even, depending on your needs, get hold of certain clothing to giveaway. A holiday bundle for jetting off into the sun, a winter bundle for ski season and the colder months, adventurer’s gear for the avid rambler, the list could be endless!

Treat your loyal customers to a chance at winning some high fashion, or even get some fashion branded with your company’s logo to allow your winners to feel even more loyal to you!

Self-care Season!

Selfcare season is upon us! 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year it should be selfcare season, but unfortunately not everyone has the time, money or privilege to indulge in themselves. We can help you change that for some of your lucky winners in your next prize promotion campaign!

Be that offering up a bundle of beauty goodies to help a person pamper and love themselves at home, or organizing a spa day to be pampered by professionals! We are here to help bring your customers something they deserve that they’ll feel grateful for.

A massage, sauna and a facial sound like wonderful ways to unwind, but selfcare doesn’t just have to run skin deep.

Mental health is very important to us in this day and age, and some of your winners may prefer a weekend meditation or silent retreat, a way to get out of the busyness of daily living and find some space to clear their mind again. There are some wonderful retreats up and down the country and a couple of them even combine the pampering of a spa day with the gentle mental health pampering of a meditation retreat.

But whoever the winner, and whatever their preference, we will be able to find a prize that suits them.

So, there you have it! Five wonderful ideas for your next prize promotion campaign! Hope some of these have inspired you, reach out to us today and discuss some of the options, we are so happy to guide you and will happily offer our input to create a beautiful set of bespoke prizes for you and your customers.

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