4 ways gamification can boost your customer reward scheme
By: Comments off 25 February, 2022

Gamification is here and it is here to stay, the act of incorporating game playing to encourage participation and engagement with a product or service is a relatively new trend.

To be specific, the gamification market is expected to grow by 27.4% from 2020 to 2025, with emphasis placed on the incorporation of these techniques within loyalty schemes.

The following blog explores 4 ways in which gamification can elevate your reward scheme above your competitors.

Increased Retention
A well-crafted reward scheme that includes gamification can motivate consumers to continuously buy from your brand over competitors. This is due to the rewards on offer that act as positive reinforcement for profitable behaviours.

With this it is important to inherit a holistic approach, asking what kind of consumer behaviour is admirable, and realistic. The act of then integrating exciting and innovative features such as badges and leaderboards can evoke intrinsic motivations.

Enhance Reputation
As mentioned before, gamification is a relatively new development, meaning that for many brand’s it is a great opportunity to benefit from first-mover advantage. Through being perceived as innovative and forward-thinking, brand perception and overall value increases.

Competitive Advantage
In 2022, many businesses now have reward schemes; whether traditional or digital. This means that the actual substance of these incentive programs matter more now than ever before. Gamification offers an edge, a reason for consumers to have a preference towards your brand over that of others.

Heightened Engagement
A heightened level of engagement can offer endless benefits to a business. Gamification is a way of communicating directly with the consumer in a way that interests them, it’s likely that as consumers interact with this, they begin to interact with the business’s other content as their perceived brand positioning increases. Meaning that other marketing communications begin to perform better as a result of gamification.

It’s clear that rewards and recognition go a long way for promoting brand loyalty, but how can you as a business take this one step further? There is only ever a limited amount of time in which brands can benefit from this ‘first mover’ advantage explored earlier, if you consider your business as somewhat advanced and creative, then consider integrating a strategy that evokes the same sense.

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