12 Days of Christmas Digital Advent Calendar
By: Comments off 29 September, 2021

Gamification is a great way to stand out and build lasting customer and reseller relationships whilst building and increasing brand engagement in the lead up to Christmas.

Why does my business need a Christmas game?

• High engagement
• Positive brand experience
• Personalised experience
• Opportunity to capture data
• Collect emails and increase newsletter database

The lead up to Christmas is a great opportunity to incentivise your customers, so why not use the pull of an interactive advent calendar?

Give your customers the opportunity to access an exclusive branded advent calendar when they perform an action of your choice (i.e. submit a proof of purchase receipt, spend over £XXX).

What is a 12 days of Christmas promotion?
A fun, interactive digital promotion where a new game, a video or exciting piece of content is revealed every day for 12 days to engage your target audience, deliver promotions and roll out incentives to increase engagement and sales.

When should I run my 12 days of Christmas promotion?
Most businesses choose to run a ’12 Days of Christmas’ promotion in the run-up to the festive season, starting on the 1st of December for 12 working days, giving away daily points and/or prizes to increase customer and employee engagement.

A 12 days of Christmas marketing promotion means that your prize giveaways could be in your customers homes just in time for Christmas!

Christmas Campaigns:
Advent Calendar
Through the digital advent calendar your customers and resellers will be able to play a range of games in order to win prizes of your choosing. Popular game options include:

1. Spin the Wheel
2. Peel to Reveal
3. Digital Scratch Card

Digital advent calendars provide an opportunity to engage your audience daily, incentivising interaction through daily prize draws, discounts and giveaways to help boost festive sales and lead generation. You could also integrate further interactivity, such as quizzes or games that increase familiarity with your brand and keep people coming back for more.

How to communicate your 12 days of Christmas promotion?

We can provide marketing options to accompany the campaign, including pre-launch communications that will naturally build excitement in the run-up to Christmas with a well-timed marketing campaign to engage your audience.
A great way to boost engagement is by sending your audience daily e-shot reminders to inform your customers on how they can get involved, to announce when new calendar doors have opened and what prizes may be on offer.
Social media is a great way to communicate and is the perfect platform accompaniment to support your campaign, giving you the opportunity to run a simultaneous Christmas countdown to entice traffic and build momentum.

What’s next?

We hope this has inspired you enough to start thinking about a 12 days of Christmas campaign for your business! Contact us via the contact form or by calling us directly to kick start your promotion.

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